A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Foot Dragger

I admit it.  I'm dragging my feet with the new product.  Part of it is laziness and wanting to relax after being at work for 8-11 hours (depending on the day).  The other part is not wanting to do the video editing.  I've lost all of my employees and one of them used to take my audio and do all of the editing for me.  Admittedly, she wouldn't always get it right but we would eventually get to a finished product that I was satisfied to use.

Now it is all on me.

I just need to suck it up and stop being a baby.  Recording and editing is nothing to compared to having to get up and go to work everyday.  The longer I put it off, the longer I have to keep doing the dayjob.

Last time, I mentioned that I may do a video to promote the optins.  I decided that doing so would be the best option and I wrote the script later that day.  I also just placed my order on Fiverr to get a woman to do a portion of the audio for the videos.  Both the sales videos and the optin video will have portions that would best be covered by a woman so that is going to be worked on soon.  The second salesvideo script needs another review before I can get it ready for her to record.

Tonight, I record my portion of the audio.  No more wasting time.  The sooner they are ready, the sooner the Business can get back on its feet.

Focusing on just one project has already made things easier.  I'm less stressed out and I'm doing far less busy work than I was before.  The things that I actually do now matter.  The things that I spend money on actually move the project forward.  A friend of mine said that I have matured in my approach.  I tend to agree.

I think this maturing is going to really show in the optimization of the sales funnel.

I have NEVER made a consistent, concerted effort to do real split testing.  Yes, I have split tested but not in the way that I should have been doing it.  Either I would let things run too long and not create more tests or I would be too quick to jump to the conclusion that a certain variation was a winner.  Plus, with my attention split on any number of other promotions, I never paid enough attention to any one campaign. 

Now, I will have all of that attention on one promotion.  All of the advertising budget will be put into one promotion.  I will be ditching Google Analytics and Website Optimizer for better, more reliable tools.

This is going to be good.

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