A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Since Last We Met...

...A ton of things have happened.

I got married in May 2013 and will be having a kid May 2015=)

And I went part time at work in order to do more of The Business.  It took a few years but I'm finally back in the right mindset to do this again.

I will not be putting in 16 hour days like I did when I was younger (I just can't do that anymore) but I am approaching things with the right mentality - finally.  It has been hard getting to this point, a stage where I actually want to work on my own business again.  After everything fell apart and I started working at a job again, my confidence and tenacity were shattered.  I was not sure that I could ever get that back.  I cannot say that I'm 100% yet...

...But I'm definitely back!

The Projects:

SMF - My main site.  The one thing that has lasted through all of the turbulence.  It is showing its age.  The content is stale and the sales have plummeted to below $500/month (on a good month).  I need a new approach for this site.  I need a way to make it into a membership site so that the income is consistent and can be grown more easily.

SLD - My new baby.  Bright, shiny, full of great content... and no sales.  This is going to be the bread winner eventually.  I have writers doing the heavy content lifting but I have fallen down on my end of the work - getting traffic and sales.  The end goal is to have a membership program like I mentioned for SMF.  The only difference is that I already have a plan for that when it comes to SLD.  Membership will be $20-30/mon, making $10k/month achievable with only 500 members.  I have an ebook on the site already but sales are non-existent because traffic is low and the email sequence is ineffective.  More on that later.

SRM - My web design and internet marketing company.  This is for offline businesses.  I have one client and brought in just under $2,000 last month.  I will be targeting deep pocket businesses with this business.

That's what I am doing now in a nutshell.

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