A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

First Day of June - Goals for the Month

It's the first day of June and I recently saw a blog post where the owner put up their goals for the month. I thought it was a good idea so I'm going to do the same.

Goal 1 - 1st Product Site
Generate $1600 Gross
This equates to only ~36 sales of my entry level product for the month, which should be completely doable. However, to take the pressure off of that product I'm going to implement some things that I've been thinking about but have not actually done yet. Most of those things will be passed on to my VAs for them to do.

* Super Low Entry Product - I will have my VAs create some type of short report that I can use as a $7 One-Time Offer (OTO). This OTO will be promoted to people the second they join my list. This will begin the conditioning to get them to buy my more expensive products later as will as generate instant revenue.

* Sales Video for Backend Product - I have two backend products in this niche. I will have one of my VAs do the video off of audio that I record.

* Upgrade Backend Product - For that same product (which is currently Mp3 based), I will pass the audio files on to the same VA for her to turn them into videos so I can increase the value of the product.

* Shift Focus to Backend Affiliate Sales - This niche has products and equipment that the enthusiasts need in order to participate. I will spend more time promoting those items to my buyers' list for extra revenue. This will be done through email broadcasts 3 times/week.

* JVs - I will have another VA gather contact information for other site owners in the niche to try to set up some JVs

Goal 2 - 2nd Product Site
Generate $1400 Gross, Avg 10+ Subscribers/Day
This equates to ~34 sales of my product for the month. Right now, this product is not selling on a regular basis so I will need to generate more traffic to get to that level.

* Super Low Entry Product - I have already had my VA create this $7 report and I just need to implement it. I started the sales copy for it last night and will record the audio tomorrow. The VA will turn the audio into a sales video.

* New Opt-In Report - I created a new opt-in report to help boost opt-ins and lengthen my autoresponder sequence for the main product. I finished the sales copy tonight and will record the audio tomorrow. This will also be a sales video.

* JVs - One of my VAs has already created a decently sized list of other site owners in the niche. It is just a matter of contacting them now. I think that I may offer them a pack of articles or create a video for them to get things started.

* Product Review Site - I have started creating a separate product review site for other products in the niche. This will help generate some revenue and will also give me the opportunity to get visitors onto my list and exposed to my OTO. These reviews have been completely written by one of my VAs.

Goal 3 - JV with Designer
Generate $500 Gross

I recently started talks with my graphic designer on doing a JV where I do the marketing for him. There is a lot of potential here on the order of a full time income eventually. I think I can train one of my VAs to find prospective clients for me to contact.

* Get the Site Up - I'm waiting on him to do the graphic design on the Wordpress theme I gave him. The domain has already been purchased and should do well based on the keywords I chose.

* VA Training - With my VA doing the hunting, I think we should be able to get some projects coming in on regular basis.

So those are my intentions and goals for June. Just two days ago, I picked up a new writer for my business so things are looking up. That brings the total VAs to three, the exact number I need for the strategy that I've been waiting to implement.

Here's to a great month!

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