A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's New

It's been a long time (as usual). I'm still doing the CPA offer but had to shut things down toward the end of Jan due to my budget. A number of my converting offers were shut down so my income dropped pretty significantly right after turning my ads back on.

My main site's money page recently fell from #2 to 16 for the main keyword. That was an even bigger hit to the income. I need to build more links to get it to #1 - no more playing around. On a better note, I had a page that was only indexed but not in the top 100 jump to #2 for its keyword. There are 148,000,000 results for that term. I seriously believe it is due to the linking structure I recently put in place for that web page.

Tonight, I'm planning to launch a series of landing pages for come Clickbank offers using videos on the pages. We will see how it goes.

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  • What's up dude? Long time no chat hehe Just read what I'd missed in the last couple of months and whoa, you seem to be all over the place man!

    One thing I've learned is that you have to do SOMETHING different than others in whatever business you get into. You need to build your USP. I know you're looking for money NOW, but it just seems to be stressing you out even more since you're basically always working on the same stuff over and over and always restarting instead of expanding and growing.

    I suggest taking some time off of the whole marketing thing and just take a step back to think of something you could bring to the table. You might be doing something that's similar to others, but what little thing could you make DIFFERENT than those other sites.

    I'm basically just getting back into it. Last night I spent the whole night getting a refresher on what's been going on in the last year in the online marketing thing . I noticed that those darn spammy "comparison" review sites are all gone now. Which was bout damn time if you ask me. I know they killed a lot of income for a lot of people. But hey, if you don't bring anything of REAL value, why should anybody go to your site? I even read Googles guidelines and they're just plain logical for anybody doing a legit site for legit reasons. Hell, even comparison sites can still make it if they do it PROPERLY.

    Don't just be a robot creating campaign after campaign. Take the time to build a site where you're personality shines through. Don't just go for the popular niches, go for something you want to talk about, and build a following. Having people come back to your site over and over is how true wealth is made.

    keep on going, but don't kill yourself trying. Don't go trying to quit the job you hate by creating yourself a business you hate.

    annndddd end of rambling

    By Blogger Jean-Rene, at 3:27 PM  

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