A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Monday, November 22, 2010

Journey to $300/Day - Weekend Recap

This weekend I worked almost exclusively on CPA offers.

One dating offer in particular, I was hoping to have up and running for testing by the weekend but that didn’t happen. I made a mistake with the set up and when it came time from the ad network to approve the landing pages, things weren’t working properly. Hopefully I will get approval today.

The main offer that seemed to have the most promise seems to have died. I’m not completely sure but I’m not getting nearly as many conversions from it has I had in the past. I’ve copied that campaign to a new ad network so we will see how things go there. The new ad network has far less traffic so I don’t expect to see a huge volume. Even so, a couple dollars profit per day one of several monthly expenses.

I also spent time testing two offers that had converted for me in the past. We will see how they go. If they do well, then I may consider testing them out on BING to scale a little more.

This weekend, I put together a campaign for an offer that has converted at least once before. It is another dating offer but it pays out at $6. That’s much nicer than the $3 dating offers=)
Today, I plan on working on 3 more campaigns - 2 of which have made conversions in the past. I want to create two landing page versions with two headlines each and let them run. If I work fast and with a purpose, I may be able to get all 3 complete tonight.

One thing that I know for certain - a good landing page makes a huge difference! For the last few campaigns, I’ve bought and modified existing landing pages that were for sale rather than trying to create my own from scratch. I’ve had much better results with this method.

Something else that has proven to be a good idea is testing as many offers as I can allow budgetwise. This weekend was proof. When one offer was falling down on the job, another was there to pick up the slack.

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