A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Am I Built for This? Part II

I was on to something around this time last year. Through similar soul searching as I've been going through lately, I came to the conclusion that seems to be correct...

I'm not a worker bee.

Worker bees can do the same thing, over and over without issue. I can't do that. I get bored. I come up with new ideas and I'm quickly lead astray to follow those ideas.

I'm the alpha male.

I'm the lion with the mane.

I'm the pack leader.

I'm Miracle Ingredient Z-247.

My solution was that rather than fighting my nature, I should embrace it. CEOs are the idea guys, not worker bees. So, in order to facilitate my non-worker bee status I hired employees. However, due to a number of circumstances I had to let them both go.

It's time to return to the idea of having employees - people that can work full time on specific aspects of my business that need attention but get neglected by me. Things like link building fit the bill. What I need to do is create a machine. A machine that addresses each aspect of a specific business plan and assigns those aspects to worker bees.

The business model I plan to use is very simple:
1. Build Wordpress blogs in high traffic, highly competitive markets.
2. Get content ranked and build lists from SEO traffic.
3. Promote affiliate products until my own products are ready.

Of course, I've broken this down into more steps; specifically 15 steps. Of those 15 steps, seven are ones that need my direct influence. The rest would be handled by worker bees.

I envision eventually taking myself out of the machine with the exception of only the beginning steps of market research. The machine will be able to take the market and information I provide to build and maintain these sites. Before starting the full construction of the machine, I need more income. So, for the foreseeable future I'm going to work on traffic for my two main product sites.

I'm currently in talks with a former employee about her coming back to work for me again. I will also hire one more person as a link builder. The content needed to generate the traffic is already on these sites, I just need to get that content ranked higher.

I'm also in the process of converting my first product site over to Wordpress. It will be a vast improvement and will be able to take advantage of all of the fun WP SEO plugins out there.

That's where things stand right now.

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