A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Email and Possibly a Better Strategy

I have a number of things going on so I'm going to split them into categories.

Information Products

After the last update, my main product site essentially dropped from #1 to being no where on the first page. It seems to be coming back now, though, as it was #5 last night. I have one of my employees creating articles for Unique Article Wizard and blog comments for that site.

The same is true for my relationship product. I've told her that I'll give her a raise if she gets that site to the Top 3 in Google for the main keyword. It seems to make it to Page 7 for a day or two before disappearing from the rankings entirely. I'm not sure what's going on with it or why it doesn't seem to be able to stay in at least the top 100.

A few weeks back, I converted that site over to Wordpress to take advantage of the SEO tools that Wordpress has to offer. I'm not sure it helped much=)

I have, however, been seeing some results from a PPC campaign I set up on MSN for the relationship product. The problem there is that I'm able to see the conversion rates for the opt-ins on each keyword but not the actual sales. Today, I will find a solution that will help me in that area.

Amazon Affiliate Products

My other employees are hard at work on the 4 Amazon affiliate sites I had them build. The plan is to let them get the sites ranked well for the individual products before having them build 4 more sites. One of the sites already has 3 products on the first page for their main keyword. Hopefully there will be demand for the product this Christmas season. According to Market Samurai, there is a decent amount of search volume so time will tell.


I sent email to 3 more cities yesterday. That is a total of 13 cities out of the initial 22. I've had 0 positive responses so far. I did get 2 emails saying that they weren't interested. I think I'm ready to say that the email shotgun method is not working.

The problem seems to be:

1) The industry. I'm targeting a profession that is willing to spend big money but also has a ton of gatekeepers keeping guys like me at bay.

2) Bad Email. The email addresses that I'm able to find are not going directly to the decision maker.

While looking for an email address the other day, I stumbled upon the obvious - LinkedIn. Today, rather than sending another barrage of emails for 4 hours, I'm going to learn how to use LinkedIn to make connections directly with these professionals...

...And then I will implement.

As a note, I think the methodology I initially took for getting clients is a good one. I just think that it does not work with this particular industry.

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