A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More of the Same

Added more keywords for #2's Adwords campaign. Time consuming and boring but it will be worth it if I can find the right words to get the leads. Had a couple clicks today but no leads just yet. The words I added today were more competitive than the ones I enter initially. Oh, Jean-Rene, Adwords said that the $10 daily budget would be alright=) At least for now.

As some of you may have noticed, there's no longer any Adsense on the blog. I did this to see what kind of CTR I was REALLY getting with my sites. The overall CTR for the original 3 is in the double digits now. All 3 contributed earnings today too which I'm pretty happy about. Nothing significant in terms on earnings, only in terms of what the action.

MSN is my friend. Prior to this month, most of my traffic was from my main keyword on HTAR. Now I am coming up for many other words and my traffic is starting to show. I just wish I could get Yahoo to send me traffic again. I would easily be at 80-90 visitors/day if I could just get that to happen. That's just for HTAR though. I am still struggling to get 5 per day consistently on the other 2. Aside from not posting them on the blog, I am trying to see if there was a step that I did with HTAR that was left out when I worked on the 2 new ones. I can understand #2 having trouble because it is in a very competitive niche. #3 should be coming into its own soon since I made it a late bloomer by not posting articles to directories early on. My own fault.

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  • Well if Adwords says it's ok, then all the better :) BTW, thanks for the tip on taking care of blog spam...it was getting out of hand...

    By Blogger Jean-Rene, at 8:25 AM  

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