A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too Much Ambition for One Man...

...will lead to either greatness or ruin.

So, since I last posted I've fired one person, hired 3 more, and will be firing at least one of them soon. Hard to find good help you know. I'm also starting a separate "division" of my business that is going to help me quit my job in the next few weeks. It's big, mean, ambitious as hell and completely secret.

Even so, I'm anticipating that each sale is going to mean a sizable payday.

As far as the affiliate/internet marketing division, things have seriously stagnated. However, I have developed training tools for my employees so that even if I have to hire a completely new team (very possible) I will be able to get them up and running much faster.

The focus is still on 4 sites plus the new division. However, I believe that once I get the writers and VA working smoothly, they will be running the Machine that I designed with little interference from me. That's the goal.

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  • Good luck! I guess you are quite ambitious and dedicated to fighting your way to the top, at least that can be concluded from your post.

    I took the slower way, I don't rush for the financial independence to happen next few months or in 6 months, it will probably take several years to build that kind of stable and sustainable business.

    I see you have blogspot blog, why don't you get wordpress and a domain when you are so serious to make your own destiny?

    P.S. You can ask me the same question, but the answer would be that I am simply experimenting a lot with my blog, so why paying a domain and hosting for it when it can turn one way or another.

    By Blogger Davor Gasparevic, at 5:01 AM  

  • Be careful, my friend. "Ruin" is a hard road to come back from.

    By Blogger Roger Hutchison, at 12:39 AM  

  • Hey Roger! Long time no speak=) I'm actually coming off "Ruin" as we speak. I'm a little wiser (hopefully) for it. Thankfully, I really don't have any responsibilities beyond myself and my mortgage.

    I'll try to give you a call or you can call me this weekend.

    Hey Davor, nice to meet you and thanks for the good luck wishes. By no means can we say that I took the rush method to financial independence. I've been at this game for 5 years next month.

    However, what you say about rushing is true. 2008 and 2009 I rushed and I was sloppy. I paid dearly for it and learned a lot of lessons. 2010 is different. I'm more focused and have a more deliberate strategy that I lacked in the previous 5 years. My methods now are slower to take effect but you know what they say - slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

    As far as using blogspot, I do so because I really don't intend to make money with this blog. It is more about keeping me accountable for making progress and for the mistakes I make. All of my money sites are hosted on my own platforms.

    By Blogger JonnyQ888, at 6:10 AM  

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