A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Site Sold!

Things are going in the right direction=)

Lead Generation
The site is making progress in the SERPS. It is currently #17 for it's main keyword after only having been up for a month or so. I credit the press release that I bought at the Warrior Forum for the 17 spot jump. Hopefully soon the leads will start flowing in.

The MSN campaign for my main product was a wash. I think that because it is not a desperate niche, people are less motivated to opt-in for a free report. The optin rate was in the single digit percentages so I cut the campaign.

For the relationship campaign, I have cut all but around 10 keywords. My spending is much much lower now and sales still come in from time to time. The biggest issue is volume. MSN just doesn't have the traffic volumes that Google does.

I've taken all of my employees off of other projects and they are focused on SEO for the relationship site. After an evaluation, I found that there were already several pages that were placing between #7 and #60 on Google without decent SEO work having ever been provided to those pages. So far, I have worked my way through 12 articles to redo all of the on-page SEO work. Meanwhile, my employees are focused on the off-page factors. I also noticed that the pages did a very poor job selling my product, if they were monetized at all. So I worked on updating the presell copy. I think it is still weak but it is better than what was there before.

In all, there are 24 pages that need to either be retooled in this manner and 7 that need to be created in order to get real traffic in this niche. By my estimates, getting in the top 3 for the existing 24 pages would equate to several thousand unique visitors to the site per day.

Sounds good to me=)

Site Flipping
I sold another site this week for $97. After a bit of a hiccup with PayPal, things ran smoothly. I did learn a lesson, though. Don't set an auction up in the morning because that means that it will also end in the morning. I actually missed the end of the auction because I overslept but lucked out because the buyer chose the Buy It Now price. Another lesson is that shorter is better for the auctions. I think I will keep my auctions to about 2-3 days from now on. This is long enough to get people's attention but not so long that their scarcity trigger fades. This last site that sold was not nearly as good as the previous one, however, I think that it was the shorter auction that made people jump on it.

I'll set up two more auctions later today.

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