A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Slow Progress

Lead Gen
The site is ranked at the top of the 4th page right now. I ordered a set of press releases that should be finished soon. I think that the press releases will do some good.

Info Products
I ran a short PPC campaign for one of my product that I've left on the back burner, however, I was only able to get 3 optins after spending over $30. Maybe that market is not the optin type. Either way, that product has returned to the back burner.

I have started a PPC campaign for my main product site. I created 2 new optin pages for it, a new "lead magnet" report, and a one-time offer. We will see how that goes.

That same product had been sliding down the first page for the past month or so. The other day I realized that the version of the page that was up did not have the on-page SEO changes that I made about a year ago. Somewhere along the way I had posted the older version that had a keyword density of only 0.7%. I spent some time bumping the keyword density up to 1.5% and only 2 days later, the page is back in the top 5 listing for the main keyword. This is after falling all the way to the top portion of page 2. My theory is that the page started to fall simply because the keyword density was no longer enough for Google to warrant placing it high in the results - nevermind the fact that the page had nearly 5 years worth of backlinks built for it!

Don't let anyone tell you that keyword density doesn't matter anymore. It obviously still does!

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