A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Thursday, February 09, 2012

January Was Good

Last month was a good month. There was revenue flowing in from all parts of my business, including parts that I had not actively marketed in a while. I honestly believe that the tithing was the key. I have an entire blog post about it that I wrote in January.

Info Products
January also showed glimmers of just how much revenue the relationship product can produce. For example, on Jan 16 there were 4 sales of the product for a gross of $164 in addition to the revenue that came in from the other sites. I know there is a ton of traffic out there for this niche, it is just a matter of tapping into it.

I also did a number tests and tracking last month and found some very interesting stats:

  • Exactly 50% of the Customers Bought on the First Message/Freebie Download Email
  • 7.14% of the Customers Bought on the Second Email (Links to a video I created with tips for them to use)
  • 7.14% of the Customers Bought on the Third Email (Also links to a video I created with tips for them to use)
  • 4.76% of Customer Bought on the 11th Email (Soft Sell)
  • 61.9% of the list was built with paid traffic.
  • Salesletter converts at 4.26%!

There are a number of interesting things to take away from this:

  1. There is a conversion gap in my autoresponder sequence between message 3 and 11.
  2. Another paid traffic source is probably in order to get revenue up. MSN just doesn't have any volume.
  3. Half of the conversions happened before visitors even really entered the sales funnel! It may be time to start approaching affiliates=)

This month, my focus for this site is on traffic and conversions. I've already set up some new test for the optin landing page and I have some results that I'm trying to verify as far as which salesletter is best.

I'm also working to fill the conversion gap in the autoresponder sequence. Initially, I was going to overhaul the entire sequence but I think that a lighter touch is in order. Instead, I'm going to work on tweaking the existing messages and adding some more hardsells into the mix.

Lead Gen

The lead gen site is making its way through the SERPs. On last check, it was #15 for its main keyword. My employees are building links to the site to help push it along. Next time, I believe I will go for a more "niche" version of a lead gen site. This one is very general.

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