A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bring Out the Content!

All of the initial category pages are complete. I may add one more depending on how many articles I can get for that section. The only thing remaining for the skeleton of the site are the site map, links page, and add url page. The last two will be taken care of by linkmachine. I won't do the site map until I have articles up and in place.

I have to say something about PageRank. It matters. While Google may not put as much weight into it as they once did, it matters for another reason. It matters because people believe it matters. It drives them to blow off those without any PR while placating those who do have it. PR is a commodity and those who have it have power.

Perfect example. Over a month ago, I was on Value Exchange looking for people to exchange links with. There was one site in particular that I wanted to do an exchange with. I never received a response. Last night I get a link exchange request and guess who it is, the same guy who didn't even respond to me a month ago. What changed? My link page is now a PR 3. He was the second one in 3 days. With the PR 3, people are now coming to me asking to exchange links. All this because people have placed value on the little green meter. PR is a commodity and I, for one, am glad that it's there.

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  • You are indeed correct. Use it to your advantage. Google has all but ruled it out in their algo because of that reason. People are now exploiting it. Yet they continue to feed the frenzy by updating it.

    By Blogger tmtb, at 7:16 AM  

  • Supposedly, Adwords helps Pagerank.

    By Blogger Jean-Rene, at 1:23 PM  

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