A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Monday, November 14, 2005

SAAAAALE!!! Continued

The sale today came out to be $8.33. Not much but it shows me that I am not completely incompetent and that I can make this work. The ROI for the day was 52.3%. We won't talk about my overall ROI because I am still learning and learning with PPC costs money=) This sale just reinforces my post from last night. PPC is the direction I am heading for my future affiliate programs.

Let me tell you a bit about how I am doing this. The pages the visitor lands on are extremely simple with only one link; the one to the merchant. It gives a basic overview of what they can expect and lists some benefits. 90 words total, no real graphics. The CTR from the landing page to the merchant's site has held steady at 44% since the 6th. The labor came in the form of: 1) needing multiple pages for each of the merchant's products...over 300 of them. 2) really getting dirty with Adwords.

1) 300+ Merchandise Pages
The multiple pages could have been simple if I weren't so hardheaded and impatient. It could be done in PHP with arrays that would change certain words and links depending on the phrase that the person clicking on the ad used. A certain phrase would be placed in the destination link that you set for the ad. When the PHP script detects that phrase, it selects the appropriate merchandise link and wording before displaying it for the user. This one page would be all I would need....if I weren't hardheaded and impatient. Instead of trying to make that work, I chose brute force and did a lot of copy and paste.

2) Scrapping with Adwords
This is still an on going battle. It is a fight to find the right keywords and adcopy. My adcopy is getting better and I've created a super spreadsheet for this program. It has separate worksheets with the URLs of the merchant's products, one for the keyword generation I posted about last month, an ad tracker to record which adcopy is most effective, and one to track sales. It should prove useful.

I did make many missteps with Adwords, including making a single adgroup with all 300 products in it. I knew better but I was impatient and it cost me in time, money, and precious CTR. Keywords will cost you more as your CTR falls. On the flip side, the better your CTR the better your ad positioning will be.

The moral of this post: Impatience has its price.

Oh, I've been seeing evidence for the past few weeks but didn't want to say anything. It looks like HTAR is starting to peek out of the Sandbox....

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