A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

JonnyQ Special: Adwords Keyword Spreadsheet

I contacted my author and she said she'd be ready for the next project next week. That will take care of sites #4 and 8. I will start doing the prep work for #7 as far as the header and Universal Template go. Once that is finished, I will write its content while she is writing for the other sites. If things work out properly, all 3 will be up at the same time.

Nikki asked how I was putting in 500 keywords to my Adwords campaign in a night. She also said that I was the "King of Efficiency". Not yet, but one day I will hold that title. Anyway, I'm a believer in front loading work, i.e. Universal Template, spreadsheets. It's all about streamlining where I can. For this, I created a spreadsheet with three columns. The first column is an adjective column, the middle is the keyword column, and the third is whatever I need it to be. Each row would be a root keyword. I go down the first and third columns, creating phrases. For example, (and I can't guarantee Blogger will like the format but here goes) lets say my ads are for home renovation...

, home, renovation
, home, remodeling
cheap, home, renovation
cheap, home, remodeling

The first and third columns are static; the middle, dynamic. Now I shift gears and get more specific....

, bathroom, renovation
, bathroom, remodeling
cheap, bathroom, renovation
cheap, bathroom, renovation

By creating the spreadsheet in Excel, I can type in "bathroom" and either drag fill down the sheet or have the rest of the middle cells automatically copy the first middle cell (B1) by putting "=$B$1" in each.

, Where I type (B1), renovation
, =$B$1, remodeling
cheap, =$B$1, renovation
cheap, =$B$1, remodeling

From there I can drag and copy the three columns. I paste it into Mike's Adwords Wrapper. I only use the phrase and exact match, never broad. This essentially doubles the keywords instantaneously. This has taken me a while to develop (didn't reach this level of refinement until this week) but now that I have it down, I can quickly create keywords.

I am considering outsourcing my link building. I am tired of having to choose between expansion and link building. Link building diverts my attention from making new sites and developing new content. At the same time, my sites have not reached the levels I want because I do not have enough inbound links to break into Yahoo and Google. I haven't figured out how to safely conduct this outsourcing but major cerebral resources are being devoted to it.

I'm coordinating a war on several fronts...

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  • Thanks for that explanation and the tool. Once you have all those keywords, how do you add them to a Google campaign in bulk without having to copy and paste each one in its own ad group? Do you do that? If you put each keyword (exact match and phrase match) into a different ad group, have you found a way to do your ad copy more efficiently? For example the ad copy for cheap home rennovation is different from cheap bathroom rennovation. Perhaps going to different sections on the site.

    Definitely outsourcing links. Taking the leap to outsource those articles was a great thing thanks for the push. I'm not so afraid that someone else can't do it as good as I can. Fact is, it has to be done well, not perfectly. And getting it done at all is better than not getting it done because I want it to be perfect.

    By Blogger tmtb, at 10:05 AM  

  • With all those Adwords you should be having a hell of alot of traffic now shouldn't you? :) How's that looking? Oh and thanks for that image site, it's going to help me ALOT.

    By Blogger Jean-Rene, at 12:02 PM  

  • Nikki,

    Unfortunately, you will have to copy and paste the words into an Adgroup yourself. I put all of the related words in an Adgroup, that includes the exact and phrase match. Adcopy is still a problem for me. Other than mixing and matching lines, I really haven't figured out a way to do it efficiently yet.

    As far as outsourcing links, it's coming. I just need to find a way to cover myself so that they are quality, one-way links.


    Actually, I don't know yet. I decided to pause my campaign while continue to add keywords and adcopy. I will start it back on Nov 1. I'm glad that you find the site helpful. It is where I get my images and I use PhotoShop to do the artistic stuff.

    By Blogger JonnyQ888, at 4:12 PM  

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