A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Race to $200+/Day - Stumbling

Which is to be expected considering how new I am at this strategy. Even so, I know that I'm probably getting on my affiliate manager's nerves. I think I will be leaving him alone for a while as I try to get things rolling again.

What has happened since last time? Well my conversion rate on the affiliate manager recommended program went from decent for a start to abysmal. In an effort to raise my conversions, he recommended a similar program with a different landing page. From the surface, it appeared as though the second would be the better of the two. Nicer design. Cleaner layout. Clearer Pictures. It all seemed as though I would be well on my way to the $200/day mark.

After spending the hours to recreate the campaign and send traffic to the new offer, it only converted once in 826 clicks. Far from the advertised 4% that the merchant had claimed.

So, in a move that could either be viewed admirably determined or just plain as rash I have started to rebuild the original campaign from scratch. This time there will be new ads with stronger calls to action and, hopefully, better USPs. I have also ditched the tracking software thinking it may play a role in the lack of conversions as well as set up a domain for the offer.

I know this can work. I've seen far too many affiliates having $100k months for me not to be able to reach $200/day.

Again, admirably determined or rash... You decide.

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