A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Monday, January 22, 2007

Testing Begins

Some people say that you should develop your list and build a relationship with them so they see you as a friend. Others say that you get better results if you try to sell to them relentlessly - you're in this to make money afterall. Now is the time to find out which will work for my product.

The List
It is small but growing. 1500 strong. The task is to infuse each email that relates to something the reader would use my product for with mini-ads for said product. With 105 messages in the autoresponder, this is a serious task to accomplish. The marketing will be a softer approach than the next one. The List would represent the "buy from me because I'm your friend" method.

The Course
This autoresponder was developed today and has no members yet. Consisting of 10 hard hitting messages, this one is all about convincing them that they need my product. Rather than a Namesqueeze page, this course is offered through a newsletter sign-up popup. This may pose a problem as it will most likely have a lower subscription rate due to the popup.

The Adwords campaign has been set up for the course, however, the real traffic comes from the words I have been using to develop the list. I'm thinking that creating a split test would be best in this case. A being the Namesqueeze newsletter and B being the direct to sales page with the Course.

Let the games begin

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