A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Race to $200+/Day - I'm Going to Boston!

I forgot to mention the other night that I'm going to Affiliate Summit. I'm extremely excited! All of the big ppc affiliates posted on their blog that Affiliate Summit was the turning point in their business. It was the catalyst that took them from making OK money (in their opinion $200/day is OK money) to making the big dollars.

So I'm going!

I also have a friend going to MIT there so it'll be a great chance to see him and go to the conference on the business's dollar.

After making my announcement the other day about shooting for $100/day profit for June, the business had its biggest day yet. Gross income of $259.93. The funny thing is that no a single dollar of that came from my product. That is how far things have come since April.

Stay tuned=)

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  • Grats Jon!

    Your focus is paying off and you'll hitting your goals in no time.

    Great work!


    By Blogger Roger Hutchison, at 12:50 PM  

  • Thanks, guy!

    This is going to happen! I'm going to make it work.


    By Blogger JonnyQ888, at 7:02 PM  

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