A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Friday, June 27, 2008

Race to $200+/Day - To Empress & Jean-Rene


Its good to hear from both of you and I'm sorry that I missed your comments until now. Both of you should have my email address so drop me a line and I can tell you about a better way that we can stay in contact.

Alright, Empress. Yeah, I've been looking for your email but no worries. Trust me, this game can be scary and that was why May was so important to me. I lost over $600 and when I opened my eyes, I realized the world hadn't ended=) Not only that, but I had broken my monthly revenue record! It also validated the validity of PPC affiliate marketing for me. I think for you to get over your fear of losing money, you're going to have to lose money.

As far as budget goes, I decided that I was going to try my best to spend $2000. This was money I received from my tax refund. Even so, I wholeheartedly believe you can do this on $500. The thing you will need to do is be very, very selective about the offers/products you sell. In fact, I would stick with doing just CPA offers like you had talked about.

If you are on a CPA network that assigns affiliate managers, talk to them and find out which offers have done well for other affiliates. That will help you avoid the trial & error method that I was using. I would also suggest getting an American Express business card. The fact that I don't have to have the cash on hand has given me the ability to spend more on ads and generate more revenue.

As far as bidding high goes, remember that you can set the daily budget on all of the big PPC networks. That should help you keep things from running wild. Also have very strict rules about your campaigns. For example, if you go by the rule that a campaign must make a conversion within the first 300 clicks, stick to that. Don't kill it before the 300 and don't let it hang on afterward.

Cashflow is an issue though. I started running some numbers today and realized that to hit my goal of $200 net/day, I will be spending at least that much (probably more) in ad costs. Sometimes those 30 day payment periods won't work. So one of my goals is to get on weekly payments with one of my affiliate networks. I already talked to one manager and he said I need to pull around $1500/wk to qualify. That is only $214.29/day gross. If I can get on weekly payments, then cashflow with American Express won't be a problem.

Thanks! I'm trying to make this work. I know that as soon as I go full time I will be able to generate some real money. So the goal now is to go full time as soon as possible.

As far as tracking goes, the affiliate networks with affiliate managers are really cool because you can have them place your Google Analytics code on the thank you page of the merchant's site! I know, that's big=) I also make use of SubIDs whenever possible so that I know which adgroup generated the sale and to make sure that I'm getting paid for all of my conversions. The SubIDs appear on the affiliate network's reports and makes it easier to decide which adgroups to keep and which to cut. Even so, I'm trying to get a program developed for me to track all of my ad spending and conversions.

And just as I was telling Empress about rules, I have rules for adgroups determining when to cut them. I've been lax with them lately and my ROI has suffered.

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