A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Race to $200+/Day - June Numbers

And the final results are in for June. That month went in like a lion, mosied around like a lamb, and had a pretty good showing on the final day. I'm not going to break things down as much as I did last month but here's the story by numbers.

Gross Income (Affiliate Sales, Product Sales, & Adsense Combined):




How do I feel about this? Mixed but overall pretty good. I fell way short of my $3,000 profit goal but I grossed nearly twice as much as I ever have from the business in one month! That's good stuff.

The bad part is that my ROI and Profit are low. I'm always shooting for 100% ROI but I am falling way short. This is due to some poor structuring of the Clickbank product campaign. The way I set it up does not lend itself to proper tracking. Not only that, but it started losing money badly toward the end of the month. By the end, it was a little over $100 in the hole. Even one of my more consistent offers started to slump toward the end of the month leading me to concede that there may actually be truth to the summer slump mythos.

So, what did I do right:

1. Multiple Campaigns - I didn't rely on only one campaign and this provided fairly consistent income. By the end of the month, I believe there was only one or two days where I did not gross more than $10.

2. Watched the Patterns - I noticed that my biggest grossing campaign would plummet routinely on Saturdays. Instead of letting that happen, I have set things up to turn off the ads on that day.

3. Made Adjustments Midgame - By looking at my tracking, I could tell what adjustments needed to be made with the campaigns.

What did I do wrong:

1. Not Enough Campaigns - I should have been launching more campaigns rather than tweaking the ones I had.

2. Messing With What Works - I lowered the bid price on my largest grossing adgroup because I was relying on stats without enough data. That move probably cost me $500+ in lost revenue.

3. Poorly Structured Campaigns - I already mentioned this earlier.

4. Laziness - I should have put in more work but this goes back to #1.

5. Not Relying on the Affiliate Manager - Rather than testing new campaigns on my own (each one failed by the way) I should have stuck to using on the the offers/products my AMs recommended.

The goal for June is to find 8 campaigns that generate as much, if not more, money than my biggest campaign does currently. I'm going to try to split those 8 campaigns up amongst 2 affiliate networks so that I can get on the weekly direct deposit schedule.

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  • keep on tweaking those ads. You'll get it right eventually :)

    By Blogger Jean-Rene, at 3:31 PM  

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