A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back to Action!

Wrote and published the first two articles for #3 today. At 3:30 am this morning, a condenser essentially shattered in the a/c system at work. It got to about 85 degrees before they let us go home at 12. I used that time to write these articles and take a nap (naps are good, leave me alone). This was just one of those things. I was using the fact that I didn't know anything on the subject as a way to stall and put off writing. I finally just forced myself to work and 2 articles were the result. If I can pull 1-2 articles per day, I could actually have #3 traffic ready by the 15th. I have a very important graduation to attend the 12th and the 13th will be shot from partying the night before so the earliest would be that Monday. Doubtful but we're talking hypotheticals here, people. Indulge me.

After #3 is up, I'm going to take a month or 2 to get the first 3 sites bulked up. Corn-fed even! Yes...beasts in their respective niches. Predatorily devouring all competition. And I will sit back, cackling madly....

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  • LOL:-)

    How many articles do you put up before you start building your links/consider the site live?

    By Blogger tmtb, at 10:52 PM  

  • I can't speak for Jonny, but here's my not-so-valuable opinon:

    I write as many articles as I have categories on the site. Then I go live. Link building is secondary to me, first is submission to a gazillion lesser SE's and directories, then article submissions, then link exchanges.

    Tara :)

    By Blogger Tara, at 12:36 AM  

  • Jon you remind me of those old horror movies I used to watch when i was young as in the mad scientist by saying that.

    By Blogger Mark, at 4:30 AM  

  • My first site, I wrote 25 articles before bringing the site live. The way I did it though was wrong. I wrote all of the articles before I had a host so while I was working it was easy to get burned out. I couldn't see the fruits of my labor, all I had were a bunch of Word documents. Now the hosting and domain come first. I can write the articles and publish them the same day so I feel like I have accomplished something.

    I think the benchmark now is 15. I will have at the bare minimum 2 articles per section. You also have to keep in mind that my category pages are basically articles about my articles. This way, I can get inbound links directly to the category pages and boost the "link goodness" throughout the site rather than just to the home page.

    I'm starting to take the opposite approach to Tara. The directories are secondary and I don't even bother with the small search engines. I did with the first one and I've probably had 3-6 visitors since the site went up from those small SEs. They don't boost inbound links so I hold off on them. I'm putting more effort into link exchanging this time around than directory submissions. I will let all of you know how this approach goes.

    Mark, I am just a bit off. Don't tell anyone=)

    By Blogger JonnyQ888, at 6:15 AM  

  • Tara and Jon, thank you for the info. So are you saying that you do link building (article submission, directory submission, link exchanges) while you are putting the articles up?

    For Tara, that would start once you have an article in each category. For Jon, is that when you start the site.

    Thanks again.

    By Blogger tmtb, at 10:25 AM  

  • No, sorry if I made it sound that way. Once I have at least 2 articles per section and feel the site is ready for public consumption, then I feel it is live. Once that happens, I start link building. The link building will be an on going process as I continue to build the site with more articles.

    By Blogger JonnyQ888, at 4:31 PM  

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