A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Get This...

First, I didn't forget you guys last night. I wrote my post and was promptly told that my blog "exhibited characteristics of a spam blog" and would be locked until further review. Thankfully someone real took a look at it and realized that I am not in the business of spam=)

Well, I get home and am set to do some real work. I have my list of tasks and just as I am about to get to them when the monitor goes black and the computer restarts. Ok, no big deal. Then it restarts again. And again....and again. I'm sure the computer is dead so when I somehow get into it again, I start trying to back everything up. It restarts again. Then dies. Won't start. Finally I give up and decide to get some dinner and watch a movie for the night. After the movie, I give it one last shot. It starts. I back up all of the essentials. I get on the blog and post. I don't know if the hard drive is just mad or if I have some monstrous virus but I learned my lesson. I will be backing EVERYTHING up once a week from now on. This was way to close.

Anyway, last night I finished the product pages for PPC3 and redesigned PPC2. PPC2 looks so much better its not even funny. PPC3 has 3 adgroups at the moment but I bid really low so no traffic yet. While the whole computer recitation was going on, I had a friend turn off my Overture account. PPC2's lead form doesn't get sent straight to the merchant, I have to fill in the info manually so if I were to get any leads while the computer was down, that would be lost money. I may just buy a new hard drive this weekend. I never really trusted this one much. Obstacles keep slowing me down.

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  • damn them computers, they can bring such joy and take it away just as fast :D

    By Blogger Jean-Rene, at 6:06 PM  

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