A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Choosing a VA & Tenant Resolutions

I have decided to test both GlobeTask and VMG-BPO side by side for the next week. I am waiting on their confirmation emails before I start sending them tasks. I talked to both reps over the phone and it sounds like they will be capable of the weekly tasks I throw their way. I'm looking forward to having an assistant=)

In order to refocus myself, I sat down last week and mapped out the next few months for the business. I have done this before but this time there are specific deadlines attached to everything. These deadlines are divided into traffic and money tasks. The traffic tasks are duties that will bring in the visitors. These will mostly be taken care of by the VA. Traffic tasks include directory submissions, link exchanges, forum posts and the like. The money tasks are those that directly relate to money making. These include creating products, finding affiliate products, etc.

So far the deadlines are doing great for keeping me on task. The second product for my first product site was always a future product but now the pieces are being assembled. We will see how things go.

Real Estate

Up until last night my tenants had been late with their rent. This put me in a tight spot but not as badly as them. I charge a pretty hefty late fee per day and they definitely felt it after they paid me last night. A threat of eviction posted on your front door will usually make you find the money to pay the landlord. At least it will in the state of Texas where the laws swing in favor of the landlord. I probably wouldn't have posted the letter if I had not just come home from Dallas to find the front of the duplex trashed. There were boxes, trash bags, and things everywhere. I let them know that if they didn't pay AND clean up by the following day I would start the eviction process.

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  • Wow - are they at least nice people? It's a drag to be the bad guy and evict someone, but we can't be responsible for other people's poor choices. There has to be better tenants out there for you.

    By Blogger Roger Hutchison, at 11:54 PM  

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