A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Monday, October 22, 2007

Return of the Quasis

The Quasis - named for the prefix that denotes a psuedo something or other, these sites were a test I developed back in '05 or '06 to find new markets. The idea behind them was to throw up some content, drive traffic, and see what sticks. I abandoned this method for some reason, can't really remember...

Well they are back. Meant to be a supplement for my main product site, these are tasked with providing diversity for my Business. The big difference this time around is that all of them are focused on high gravity ClickBank products. While I haven't made any sales from them yet, the network is growing and gathering more traffic. One has generated 94 clickthroughs to the merchant. As such, I am expecting a sale from that particular Quasi soon.

Running through the 30 Day Challenge, I have learned that I need to be able to generate 200 visitors/day/salesletter or merchant to get consistent sales. I'm no where near that yet but I'm making strides.

For the main site, I'm planning to do a poll to determine what new product I should develop next. Meanwhile, I am starting the hunt for a CPA to help me develop my business structures for my Business and real estate. It is important that I get them created because:

1. In order to do dropshipping, my business needs a Tax ID.
2. The duplex needs to be separated from me personally so that someone who sues won't be able to get to my personal assests.
3. The Business and real estate need to be separated so that one getting sued will not endanger the other.

Real Estate

I'm tired of being a property manager. There are too many headaches and it diverts my attention from my Business. My girlfriend found a property management company that is willing to pick up my duplex for $75/mon. To no longer have to deal with tenants, that's a steal!

I can say this though, being the property manager for the past year has taught me A LOT. While I believe anyone who owns rental property should manage their own for at least a year, I'm ready to turn over the reigns=)

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