A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Like the Bee

That I am. Here's the status report.

Product Site 1:
1. Product 2 is experiencing set backs in the form of flaky interviewees. I sent out and email to a bunch of people on MySpace in order to replace the flake.

2. Product 3 is stalled simply because I have not found a worthy interviewee. I'm still on the look out.

3. Equipped with a brand new headset, I will be adding audio on my salesletter to try to boost conversions of both sales and newsletter sign-ups. I'm currently getting about 50 sign-ups per day but only a fraction of them confirm the double opt in. I will use the audio to instruct them on how to do it.

Potential Product Site 2:
1. The site is finished and I've socially bookmarked it in order to get the pages indexed. Once indexed and Google sees there is more content than just the sign-up page, I will start Adwords.

2. My coder is working on the template for the site as we speak.

3. My other coder finished the "video page" template and it has been outfitted with an autoresponder sign up form and a Camtasia video I produced. I may split test the video sign up vs. the static and see how that goes.

4. I have reviewed the articles my writer created and have given her my edits.

Real Estate Business:
1. My VA has provided a list of lawyers but I have not contacted them to get rates on the 3 contracts I need created.

2. The template being created for Potential Product Site 2 will also be used for the real estate business.

3. The content for the real estate business site is essentially complete.

4. The property management company still has not filled the vacancy in my duplex. That hurts the wallet.

That's it in a nutshell. Busy days and busy nights. If I weren't losing 40 hours/wk at a day job, I would be a beast. Oh well. My exfil date is set. I just have to get my income level to the magic $120/day=)

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