A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

PHP for #3!

I started work on the PHP script for #3's PPC promotion. I am hoping that this program will make about $10/day after I iron out the inevitable kinks. Christmas is almost here and that means that PPC1's prosperity is not long for this Earth. So far, things are going well with the PHP development. Things are working out in just the way that I would like them to. I am, however, having difficulty working on the sales copy for this program. If you will remember, #3 is on a subject that I know nothing about and my writer did most of the articles on the site. Minor obstacle.

So far, I have picked 14 products to promote for this merchant. My intention is to make a short variable promotion about the individual product and then static portion about the benefits of this merchant. The variable promotion will change with the assigned id code just like with PPC1, only slightly more elaborate.

PPC1's test with the product images is inconclusive so far. Monday was a bang up day with 6 sales and a nice bit of profit. Today was back down to 4 sales and a profit of only $10-12. This is a serious challenge. If I could only sustain 6-8 sales/day, I'd be golden. It's all about testing and finding the right things that work.

Lately, with my new interest in PPC promotions, I have become more interested with what people have to say about landing pages. The things I'm learning are also useful for SEO-based sites because the mission is the same, we all want to make the sales. If you are into affiliate marketing, I suggest you start looking into landing page optimization. It is a big deal and looking at HTAR and knowing what I know now, it is easy to see why I never made a sale there. Eventually, I will go back to HTAR and make changes to see if I can make money there too.

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  • Hey Johny, your world of PPC is greek to me, but for some reason I had this bookmarked from awhile ago and thought it may be useful if you hadn't seen it:

    11 Ways to Improve Landing Pages

    Best of luck!


    By Blogger 45n5, at 8:30 PM  

  • Hey Mark,

    I appreciate the article. This is the type of thing that I am looking for and this article has some great nuggets in it. Improving my conversion rates is one of my biggest goals right now. Thanks again.

    By Blogger JonnyQ888, at 9:25 PM  

  • No problem,

    I do have one other bookmark you might find useful then I'm spent.

    It's from the google analytics site, which btw has some tools that help tracking conversion, visitor funeling, etc. I just glaze over it to get to my stats :-)

    "One of the most interesting approaches to ad optimization is the A/B split test and it's sibling, the A/B/A test". Conversion University


    By Blogger 45n5, at 9:29 PM  

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