A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


That's what my focus is right now. It has been so easy to slip into getting caught up in each day's actions. I need to approach PPC2 & 3 with a wider perspective in order to get them to deliver on a regular basis. I will contemplate this tomorrow at work but here is what I have come up with so far.

PPC2: More Traffic
Not only will I continue to add words to Overture, I will go back to Adwords to try to grab more traffic. The form has been tweaked to the nth degree so after I get decent traffic levels, I will be able to see what needs to be done to increase conversions.

Burke mentioned in the comments using a newsletter to try to get those that do not immediately convert. I'm torn on this issue. I know it is a good idea however money for an autoresponder is money that I will not have for ads.

PPC3: More Traffic, High Conversions
So far, it appears that I need 100+ visitors/day to make sales with PPC3. The first order of business is getting traffic back to those levels as they were last week. This means doing the Overture/Adwords combo here, too.

I am in the process of making the second version of the landing page for the top sellers from last week. The conversion rate was just under 2% for those days, however my goal is 4%. The A/B Split Test will hopefully help me get there.

And to Mark's question: the computer does the rebooting thing randomly. Sometimes I will go all day with no problems, other times it will die on me after an hour of being on. I have narrowed the problem down to either a virus, hard drive problem, or a problem with the electrical system in my apartment. If the outlets are not delivering enough power, then it would cause the computer to restart and this would explain why it would do so repeatedly. I really can't say for certain about any of it though.

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  • I've not posted here for a while - but just want to say, that your PPC campaign is really an interesting read... and thanks for sharing it - because lord knows, I don't know enough about that stuff to step into it, and I'm learning a lot so far from reading your blog and Burke's.

    Thanks for being so open about it :)

    By Blogger The Empress, at 10:54 AM  

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