A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

A Day in the Life of JonnyQ888

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Enter the Marathon

The girlfriend is out of town and it is time to work. This morning I got a late start due to factors beyond my control (Read: Beating Zelda on Wii). But after that I was on it! I was able to:

1. Add new testimonials to my sales page.
2. Set up a new opt-in form to test.
3. Set up a new split test for the sales pages.
4. Add a new flash video to the sales pages to make it load faster.
5. Select a graphics pro from Rentacoder.com to do some images and banners for my current product.
6. Render the first video for my new product to see if I could get the file size smaller.
7. Eat Breakfast/Dinner & take a nap.

Now I'm up and trying to compress the video to get the file size smaller. If anyone knows about video compression, please help me out.

So, you are probably asking "What is this Marathon?" Well, I plan to work like a mad man this weekend until the new product is finished. The reason being that at the price point I am looking for, if I could just pull 10 sales/month it would be an extra $979.75 per month. Combine that with a price increase in my current product and pulling 20 sales of that in a month, I'd be looking at a gross of $1979.75.

That would leave $1620.25 or $54/day to generate before I can quit the job!

That should easily be covered by my next 2 products... assuming the people in those two niches like to open their wallets. One is an expensive hobby niche so I think that one will be alright. The other is more questionable.

Anyway, I will periodically update the blog with my progress in the Product Creation Marathon. Can JonnyQ pull off the impossible and finish the creation of his second product this weekend? Tune in next time. Same Jonny time, same Jonny blog!

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